Best Wedding Favors Service in Pakistan

Want your wedding to be a memorable one for not just the couple but the guests? Yes? Then you need a takeaway, a wedding favor, that reminisces the best memories of a wedding. Concept of wedding favors is very evident in nikah ceremonies and mehndi where the guests are often given off some small gift, wedding favor.

Since favors reflect the gratitude of the bride and groom towards the audience invited, it is vital to have them produced from the experts. The traditional Pakistani weddings are getting advanced and innovative day by day, this raises the need for wedding favors. Tis is not only a warm welcoming gesture but a little something to be remembered by.

Since Pakistani weddings are never complete without the main traditions they follow, this raises the demand for wedding favors. With beautiful and elegant wedding favor accessories, sisters of the bride may never be able to demand huge amount of cash during “doodh pilai”.

Be it any event, wedding favor adds that extra touch to your wedding fiesta. Be it small decorated candles in mehndi, small candy boxes in nikah or anything else; Wedding Favors are very inn.

We Provides Best Wedding Favors Services in Pakistan

Deciding on a vendor that provides the wedding favor in sync with your theme and budget can be tough. offers a list of vendors that provide top-quality products with exclusivity. Discover the best wedding favor vendor in your budget to make the most beautiful memories at your siblings wedding.


Wedding Cars for Rent in Pakistan – Online Rent a Car Service

No matter if the wedding occasion is within the city or you are planning to go for a destination wedding, transportation is your all time need. Having a glamorous car that comes in with barat or a car that the groom drives to their valima, car rentals play an important part in organizing the commutation for your event.

From bringing guest to wedding to the bride’s entry, transportation is a must. Having multiple cars at your disposal is an essential when in a wedding fiasco. For mehndi events nowadays, a majority of couples enter with style, be it the buggy, rickshaw or a royal ride, Car Rentals can help you get a variety of transportation solutions.

Online Rent a Car Service in Pakistan makes sure to give you all! Listed below are some top-notch vendors that provide you with the best of the best. Make a choice for the transportation vendor within your budget in just a click and allow yourself to enjoy every of your pre and post wedding moments.

Best Travel and Tours Services

After the hectic wedding functions, the couple needs sometime off. Romantic getaways are the icing on top. Once dine with wedding, the next big decision is that of travel and tours. Every couple wants to start off their new life from a romantic place where they not only bond but enjoy the view.

Sceneonhai Provides Best Travel and Tours Services

This need brings in for a Travel and Tour guide that can plan a trip for you. Tailor made trips that best fits your personality, need and budget is impossible without the right travel agency. While some couples like to go on a slow romantic place, there are some that want to go to a city where they can shop, while there are some who love adventure.

Having a travel and tour guide/agency helps you understand your plan better. With a travel agency you can easily understand the immigration policy for each country along with having booked your hotels and flight in advance without any hassle and trouble.

But here is the catch: finding a credible and smart travel and tours guide is challenging. has thus collected for you a list of top-rated vendors who offer the best of honeymoon packages services within and outside the country.

Best Wedding Jewelry Designs

Jewelry is a women’s best friend! Only a woman could have come up with this quote, as only women can understand the love women have for jewelry in general. This love changes into obsession when it is their wedding.

Wedding is all about the bride and no bride is complete without wedding jewelry. Be it you recreating a traditional jewelry, or a fusion of cultural wear, you need a jewelry designer that well understands your theme and taste.

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Best Wedding Jewelry at

Be it gold, silver or artificial jewelry, it is essential to have a designer that provides you with amazing and unique styles that go well with your entire attire. Pakistani brides love to wear jewelry, it is part of our culture and tradition too. Whilst some of us brides get jewelry in inheritance, others tend to get theirs designed as per their dress and makeup. Wedding jewelry is very crucial too, and once again is a hefty investment. Finding a jewelry designer that is reliable and talented can be time consuming. thus, offers a list of preferred jewelry vendors to save maximum of your time! Get the best jewelry from the top-rated jewelry vendors that offer a variety of designs and customize the jewelry in accordance with your dress requirement.

Best Professional Match Makers

A match made in heaven! Sounds too good to be true?! Well now this phase stands true. If you are a strong believer in arrange marriage but do not want to go through the hassle of finding your soul mate then you must get in touch with a match maker.

Here is why you need a match maker: they are professionals and know what they are doing, they find credible people for you and chances of being deceived are extremely low. A Professional Match Maker knows what they are doing and they first understand you as a person and then link you up wit possible suitors.

Best Professional Match Makers |

The dilemma tat exists here, however, is that of finding the right match maker. With so many scammers out there, finding a match maker that is professional and affordable is more of like climbing Everest. We at have listed down for you some credible match makers in town that not only provide amazing services but are genuine ones too.

Surf away and find your perfect match making match!

Best Bridal Salon and Beauty Parlor in Pakistan

A bride needs two things to be perfect on her wedding day: her dress and her makeup. With so many salons and makeup artists out there, finding the right salon is a challenging job. The final bridal look is always on mind and has been planned long before hand. However, when the day comes, there is nothing but chaos.

Visiting salons can be challenging, mainly because sometime you are not allowed to see live brides while sometimes complete package is not shared. Bridal makeup is a heavy investment that is more of like a do-or-die situation. Paying a hefty advance only to find a artist that never understood your style is a complete nightmare.

From hairstyling to makeup to bridal services, salons can literally make or break your wedding look. If you like a dolled-up look or want to be have a simple look, you must first have a salon that understands your needs the best. wants their brides to be pretty and happy, we try to take the load of your head. With us you can tick away one more box off your checklist, surf from a huge variety of salons and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Stage Decorations Designs and Ideas- Wedding Decor Services

Wrap a boring gift beautifully and you have a winner gift! Decorations is just like gift wrapping, despite the wort of your gift, if the wrapping is wrong, the gift’s look falters. Likewise, even if you have the right venue, the perfect dress; if you do not have the decoration, everything appears dull and ordinary.

With right decoration, you can amplify the look of even a simple street. Be it lights flowers or any other ornament, decoration plays a vital role in setting the theme. believes in the magic of decoration, we understand the need for right decoration as it helps you amplify your event.

Stage Decorations Designs and Ideas

Best DJs and Sound Systems Services

It is not just the Punjabis who love to dance but in fact everyone has a dancer hidden inside of them. Be it at the Mehndi dance floor, wedding entrance or valima climax; a good DJ can definitely lift up any event.

DJ are essential especially when you are planning on having a rocking theme to your wedding. Some people prefer a DJ that can play mashups and groovy beats at their mehndi, while some want DJ that can coordinate entrance song with the overall ambiance.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a DJ can actually make or break your wedding. A bad DJ can literally spoil the event. Knowing the cruciality of yet again another wedding element, people go haywire looking for the best option out there. DJ helps you dance at their beats, and the last thing you need is dancing on the wrong tune! is all about providing you with a one-stop shop, listed below are some DJ’s, surf and search for a vendor that dances on your tune.

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Best Catering Service in Pakistan

Food is life! Yes we Pakistani’s love food and the best wedding is one that as the best food. Choosing a catering service that fits your event needs is essential, everyone looks forward to having high quality food that is good on the pockets and stomachs too. Catering plays a vital role when it comes to measuring the success of your event.

As we all know: every event needs a certain set of dishes, ensuring that it falls in line with the event and is in sync with all other events too. Street style food is famous for mehndis, traditional food falls in line with the theme of wedding while valima is all about a fusion. Having a caterer that understands your palette, tradition and budget is like finding the magic ingredient.

We at understand the importance of food in weddings, we also understand the excruciating pain of going from one caterer to another. This is why we have collected a list of top-notch caterers in your town that can provide you with a tailor-made solution. You can find some amazing caterers in our list below, read about the details of each vendor and chose one that best fits your taste and budget.

Best Wedding Photography Service

Picture perfect: Do you know why this phrase is used so often? It is because capturing the right picture makes everything perfect. Irrespective of how grand your wedding is, until and unless it is captured you would have no solid memory. Weddings are incomplete with pictures, capturing the moments and emotions is what makes these events so beautiful.

We all know weddings are full of emotions, traditions and moments that must be captured to be cherished in future. Choosing a photographer is just like choosing life partner, one wrong choice and the whole wedding is spoiled. With right photography a dull event can be displayed as a festive one. Capture those moments and keep them with you forever, choose a photographer that makes sure to capture your day in the most beautiful way.

Like any other wedding planning, photography is one of the top-of-the-list concerns. Choosing a photographer that not only provides you with high-quality wedding pictures but understands your needs too. Wedding can be technical, didn’t take picture with your grand mom or a relative from abroad? All these issues and concerns along with having all those moments taken are already big enough issue.

We at understand the need for having the photographer that well understands your needs, delivers amazing pictures and is as per your budget. Seeing this we have listed down the best of the best, you don’t need to go door to door searching for a professional photographer, with just one click find a photographer that clicks with you.