Best Catering Service in Pakistan

Food is life! Yes we Pakistani’s love food and the best wedding is one that as the best food. Choosing a catering service that fits your event needs is essential, everyone looks forward to having high quality food that is good on the pockets and stomachs too. Catering plays a vital role when it comes to measuring the success of your event.

As we all know: every event needs a certain set of dishes, ensuring that it falls in line with the event and is in sync with all other events too. Street style food is famous for mehndis, traditional food falls in line with the theme of wedding while valima is all about a fusion. Having a caterer that understands your palette, tradition and budget is like finding the magic ingredient.

We at understand the importance of food in weddings, we also understand the excruciating pain of going from one caterer to another. This is why we have collected a list of top-notch caterers in your town that can provide you with a tailor-made solution. You can find some amazing caterers in our list below, read about the details of each vendor and chose one that best fits your taste and budget.


Best Wedding Photography Service

Picture perfect: Do you know why this phrase is used so often? It is because capturing the right picture makes everything perfect. Irrespective of how grand your wedding is, until and unless it is captured you would have no solid memory. Weddings are incomplete with pictures, capturing the moments and emotions is what makes these events so beautiful.

We all know weddings are full of emotions, traditions and moments that must be captured to be cherished in future. Choosing a photographer is just like choosing life partner, one wrong choice and the whole wedding is spoiled. With right photography a dull event can be displayed as a festive one. Capture those moments and keep them with you forever, choose a photographer that makes sure to capture your day in the most beautiful way.

Like any other wedding planning, photography is one of the top-of-the-list concerns. Choosing a photographer that not only provides you with high-quality wedding pictures but understands your needs too. Wedding can be technical, didn’t take picture with your grand mom or a relative from abroad? All these issues and concerns along with having all those moments taken are already big enough issue.

We at understand the need for having the photographer that well understands your needs, delivers amazing pictures and is as per your budget. Seeing this we have listed down the best of the best, you don’t need to go door to door searching for a professional photographer, with just one click find a photographer that clicks with you.

Bridal Boutiques and Bridal Wear Designers

Wedding is all about the glamour, the happiness, festivities and celebration. Wedding day is something every girl dream of even as a child. Wedding is all about the bride, to make the bride look ravishing, the right bridal dress is needed. Choosing the wedding wear is the biggest dilemma for a bride, from color to style to budget; planning on the bridal wear is nothing short of drama.

Want to know the best part? Despite all the planning, when deciding on the wedding wear, brides tend to get lost amidst all the bridal collection. What makes it worse: the unlimited visits for the right vendor who would design for you just the right dress at the right price. Wedding dress speaks volume and has a lot to do wit the bride’s appearance. Be it any event: Mehndi, wedding, valima or nikkah; having a dress that is in sync with rest of the theme and is different from dresses of other events is vital for the bride.

What makes the bridal wear dilemma worse: the long and tiring visits of the market and the fear of being ripped off for a poor design. We at understand your need for the right dress, a dress that accentuates your look and helps you shine through your moment. We also believe that wedding time is a hectic one and this is why we have brought together vendors for you. Choose from a range of Bridal Dresses and decide on one that fits your taste and budget. We believe in diversity and have thus listed vendors for all our customers be it minimalistic look or royal wedding look, you can see it all in just one click.

Let us take some load off your mind! Listed below are multiple vendors that offer amazing bridal wears. Surf away and find your perfect match.

Best Wedding Venues and Banquets in Pakistan at Sceneonhai

A wedding is incomplete without the shenanigans. Amongst all the festivities, it is the Wedding reception that marks the climax of your celebrations. Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding, to have a fairytale wedding, a picture-perfect venue is a must.

Be it any event: Engagement, Mehndi, Nikah, Wedding, Valima, etc; Venue plays an important role. From adjusting all your guests while providing you ample space to celebrate, venues are a vital part of weddings. There are so many variables when deciding on the wedding venue as this aspect of wedding festivities is the most critical one. An ideal criterion for a wedding venue is one that serves your purpose and is easy on the pockets too.

Understanding the cruciality of venues in wedding preparations, has listed down vendors that offer you the best wedding venues in town. We ensure that you find the best answer to your wedding related query. Authentic and reliable vendors that provide you with nothing less than the best.

Search and choose a vendor that fits your need best. We believe in weddings to be the most beautiful part of life, cherish your memories, make your day special by choosing the venue that is tailor-made to make your wedding a fairytale. Be it a wedding in a budget, or a wedding spree, we serve you all. Perfect wedding needs the perfect location, start with the basics, choose a venue that builds the foundation for your dream wedding.

Wedding Venues and Banquets